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The Green Eyeshades of War: An Examination of Financial Management during War

This monograph puts military financial management during war on trial, examining fiscal performance and readiness during various conflicts: World War II, Vietnam, Operations Desert Shield/Storm, and Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom. Each of these conflicts is unique, yet each situation validated the critical need for sound fiscal management and controls.

Dark Horse

Gen. Larry O. Spencer, USAF (Ret.), was born and raised on the Horseshoe--a tough inner-city street in southeast Washington D.C. Both parents lived in the rural south under Jim Crow and "separate but equal" laws.

Quite by chance, Spencer enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where he continued to struggle with the racial turmoil of the 1970s. A senior non-commissioned officer saw promise in Spencer and guided him to obtain a college degree and apply for Officer Training School where he excelled. 

He ultimately became the Air Force's thirty-seventh vice chief of staff, making him one of only nine African Americans promoted to four stars. Spencer concludes his historic climb with life lessons learned on his journey from the inner city to the Pentagon.

Th Green Eyeshades of War
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